DISC - 60 Minute Workshop
By Dr. Tony Alessandra

DISCStyles is an online resource for individuals and organizations desiring to improve performance, increase productivity and to positively influence other people.

By combining your accurate online assessment with a variety of additional resources (found on the second to the last page of the report), you will have all the tools you need to unlock the secrets of powerful influence.

Unlike many other behavioral assessments, our DISC reports are as much prescriptive as they are descriptive! In other words, we spend as much time teaching you how to improve your own productivity and interpersonal communications as we do describing your natural behavioral style. We realize that you are about to invest money and time in our online assessment program, so we want you to come away with fast, effective learning strategies that get you results immediately.

DISCStyles Assessment
is valuable for individuals and all types of organizations; public or private; large or small.

Our proven, scientific measurement tool will assist your company in specific areas that directly impact productivity:

  • Improving Executive Team Performance
  • Developing Leaders
  • Making Smarter Hiring Decisions
  • Increasing Employee Retention
  • Leading People More Effectively Through Improved Communication
  • Increasing Profitability
  • Growing Sales

If you are a trainer, coach and/or consultant looking for an affordable, effective assessment to use with your clients, please click here to learn more.

For our catalog of assessments and to learn more about each individual assessment please click here.


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